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Grön Flagg
Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede
december 2022 - juni 2023
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Grön Flagg är ett unikt lärandeprogram inom hållbar utveckling. Tillsammans med Sveriges skolor och förskolor omsätter vi kunskap till direkt handling.

Varje år hissar hundratals verksamheter i Sverige den Gröna Flaggan för att visa att en hållbar framtid börjar nu! Grön Flagg drivs av Håll Sverige Rent och ingår i det internationella nätverket Eco-Schools.

Tillsammans kan vi skapa en hållbar framtid – om vi agerar nu. Vi behöver ge lärare och elever i svenska skolor möjlighet att utveckla och omsätta sina kunskaper om hållbar utveckling, över flera ämnesområden.

På så vis skapas både förutsättningarna för långsiktig förändring – och viljan att göra skillnad.


Cycle/Walk to School!

From August to October, the Green flag committee put a great effort into trying to get more students to cycle to school! We made posters to put around the school. We gave out reflectors to everyone who cycled to school one Monday morning. We made a slideshow for mentors to show the students about the benefits of cycling or walking to school. We discussed the positive effects of cycling on the mental and physical health of the students and the positive effects for our climate!



We continued to reduce our use of paper in our school this year. We did this by reducing the amount of paperwork sent home, opting for email and sharing information via schoolsoft instead. The Green Flag committee made  presentation to the teachers to give them ideas about how to reduce paper and to think before printing worksheets. 

The Green Flag committee made paper recycling boxes for every classroom, and PANT boxes for different areas of the school. The school principal bought us new plastic recycling bins to encourage plastic recycling in the student and staff rooms. We put a glass recycling box in the staff room. 

The Green Flag committee helped to bring the PANT bottles and cans to the local COOP supermarket where we donated the money to VI I SKOGEN, a charity that helps to build trees. They also helped to bring the plastic recycling to the local plastic recycling bins.


I got involved in the Green Flag as I wanted to help out with school projects before I leave.
T. 9d
Recycling plastic is fun and a very important thing to do.

Gardening Project

When we wanted to plant more flower boxes around the school, our caretaker found old flower boxes in the basement and we fixed them up to use in the Autumn. During the Winter months, these boxes were ruined and our caretaker came to the rescue again using wood leftover from making benches, he made beautiful new flower boxes for us to plant our Spring flowers in!

The Green Flag committee planted and replanted flower boxes for the entrance of our school to suit the different seasons. For example, we planted heathers for the Winter season, daffodils for the Spring season and lobelia and marigolds for the Summer season.

The Green Flag committee and all the Year 6 classes planted their choice of seeds in April/May. They could choose from a range of herbs, vegetables and bee-friendly flowers. Some students brought these home and some students looked after them in the classroom and we planted them out in the school garden.

Year 6 students helped to clear the weeds and dead flowers from the school garden in the Spring to make way for new plants!

In December, all Year 6 classes looked after an amaryllis and watched it grow rapidly before one student took it home for Christmas. This greatly increased the appreciation for and awareness of how plants grow and the names of the different parts of a plant.



I got involved as I want to help the environment and it is a good opportunity to meet people.
W. 7d
I liked to plant the flowers because it makes the school look better!
Sareesha 4d
We planted some beautiful flowers outside our school door.
Student 7b

Photograph Competitions

The Green Flag committee organised an Autumn photo competition and a Spring photo competition to help the students be more aware of the beautiful nature around them and the change in the seasons. We got around 30 entries each time from all year groups 4-9 and we gave prizes to the top five photos each time. 


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Globala målen för hållbar utveckling



Hållbar utveckling

We believe our work has led to a lot of sustainable development in our school and surrounding area. We were very focussed on the sustainable development goals all year, and we were involved in 10 different activities, as outlined in our activities section. Our overall main achievements were: -reducing the amount of paper used in our school -increasing the amount of paper and plastic recycled in our school - feeding the local birds during the cold winter months -increasing the awareness amongst all students of the sustainable development goals, local animal and plant life, recycling facilities, up-cycling possibilities, endangered animals, renewable energy sources and issues with food waste -helping students to focus on the natural environment around the school by planting flowers and picking up rubbish -helping students to feel and see that they can make a difference -securing one meat-free day a week in our school lunchroom


Delaktighet och inflytande

The Green Flag council met every Monday from 08.45-9.00 with Ms Clare King. We used that time to discuss projects and plan when to do them. Then we picked a time during the week that would be suitable for that activity. The rest of the students participated in different ways - reading noticeboards, joining in the Green Flag BINGO game, recycling plastic and paper, helping with planting seeds and plant, participating in sustainable science projects, making fat cakes and bird feeders for the birds, taking part in nature quizzes and nature photography competitions.



The students came up with great ideas for the administration team regarding paper reduction and were delighted to see their ideas taken on and kept on this year. The Green Flag council had members on the Food Council. The Food Council have monthly meetings with the head chef and one of the directors of the school kitchen, Kleins, was wonderful as they were impressed at the ideas the students had and the students were delighted they agreed to take on their ideas. When we were picking up rubbish in the local area , many passers-by commented on what we were doing and praised the students and the students were happy with themselves and really felt they were making a difference. The students could see the positive outcomes of the effort they made with the planting! Many teachers commented on how nice the plants were and how it really brightened up the entrance to the school. The students really enjoyed getting positive feedback. They also enjoyed interviewing some staff members about the chemicals in the school.

Vi blev Grön Flagg-certifierade den
02 juni 2023

Vi blev Grön Flagg-certifierade den
02 juni 2023

Nu fortsätter resan mot nya mål, tillsammans med miljontals barn, unga och pedagoger runt om i världen.
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